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Paragon Supply is Central New York's brick source. We stock many colors and styles and feature thousands of options on display in our newly renovated, state-of-the-art showroom. Our expert sales staff can assist you with your project - whether it is a project for your home or a commercial building.

We represent the finest manufacturers in the industry. With products from over 50 manufacturing plants to choose from, you can be sure that we will have the perfect brick for you!

Also available are specialty brick products such as thin veneer brick, structural clay brick, firebrick, and special shape bricks to aid with architectural design as well as brick engraving and sculptures.

If you are thinking about brick, think of Paragon Supply!

You may search our manufacturers' websites (see links below) for further information:

Acme Brick

Acme Brick is the nation's largest U.S. owned manufacturer of fired clay brick.

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Belden Brick

The Belden Brick Company traces its roots to the Diebold Fire Brick Company organized in Canton, Ohio in 1885 by Henry S. Belden and four associates. The Belden Brick Company owns and operates six plants in Tuscarawas County, employ approximately 500 people and have an annual production capacity of nearly 250 million standard brick equivalent (sbe). Plant 3 and one line at Plant 8 produce soft mud (machine-molded) brick while the other facilities all produce extruded brick products.

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Carolina Ceramics

Since 1939, our commitment to advanced engineering has established us as one of the nation's leading suppliers of quality brick. Our innovative approach continues to broaden our product line, from an initial offering of residential firebrick to today's extensive array of colors, sizes and shapes that inspire architectural excellence.

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Continental Brick

We have been in operation at the Martinsburg brick works for more than 90 years, during which time we have supplied brick for numerous homes, schools, churches, hospitals, townhouses, apartments, and office and commercial buildings, many of which are winners of awards for excellence.

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Endicott Clay

Producers of face bricks, pavers, thin bricks, murals, shaped bricks and tiles.

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General Shale Brick

General Shale BrickFrom a small local brick manufacturer in Tennessee in 1928, we have grown to be a complete masonry supplier for North America.

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Interstate Brick

Interstate Brick is widely recognized as one of the premier commercial brick manufacturers in the U.S.

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Marion Ceramics - Thin Brick

In response to long standing requests from customers, Marion Ceramics has developed its Tumbled Bricktile and Tumbled Vee Brick product lines. All tumbled products are 15/16" thick which is the optimum thickness to allow for tooling grout joints and thick enough to minimize losses during tumbling. Marion is unique with its tumbled products because we are the only manufacturer offering tumbled thin pavers and tumbled thin veneer brick. This combination of product lines has very strong appeal in both brick and tile industries.

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McAvoy Brick

Brick from McAvoy embodies quality and family dedication 120 years in the making.

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McNear Brick - Thin Brick

Modern design with old world charm. McNear's Thin Brick veneer line provides the same look and durability as our clay brick, but without the extra footings and weight limitations. Perfect for any interior or outdoor application. And because of their smaller size and lower shipping costs, thin bricks leave less of an environmental footprint than full-sized bricks. Not to mention, all of our clay brick products are made using 40% - 100% recycled materials.

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Meridian Brick

Meridian Bricks is America's largest brick manufacturer, providing the widest selection of brick colors and styles for a variety of uses.

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Old Carolina Brick

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Pine Hall Brick

Pine Hall Brick Company is a 90-year-old family-owned business that manufactures face brick, pavers and special-shape brick. Founded in 1922 by Flake Steele, Sr., Pine Hall Brick enjoys a rich heritage of quality manufactured products and satisfied customers.

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Redland Brick

We manufacture moulded, extruded, handmade face brick, Patio Pavers, and brick pavers for both residential and architectural projects, as well as special shapes and clay brick pavers to add that finishing touch.

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Statesville Brick

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Stiles & Hart Brick

The Stiles and Hart Brick Company Established in 1886 and now with over 100 years of experience, The Stiles and Hart Brick Company remains the only brick manufacturer in Massachusetts. Our bricks impart an authentic colonial beauty to every project.

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Taylor Clay Products

Taylor Clay Products specializes in Architectural face brick.

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Triangle Brick

Triangle Brick Company is a manufacturer of brick and clay products located in central North Carolina making a variety of colors, textures, and sizes.

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Our goal in serving our customers is to provide value beyond the product itself. For instance, our unmatched showroom and vast outdoor display allows you to view many products to ensure that you make the perfect selection. Our sales staff will be a valuable source of information in providing installation advice, contractor referrals, technical product data, as well as design ideas to assist you. Since 1888, Paragon Supply has been serving Central New York in this fashion, please come to see us for your next project!